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With a Doctorate from Indiana University, Bethany has thorough training in classical technique, repertoire and pedagogy, as well as a passion for performing and teaching this literature and style of music. She has also spent the last several years performing and researching pedagogical approaches to other styles of singing and her dissertation was titled “Pedagogical Approaches to Belting.” As such, she is comfortable working with students of classical singing as well as those wishing to learn nonclassical styles of vocal technique, including musical theatre, jazz, pop, rock, and folk.

Her pedagogical approach is to try to help each individual student find his or her own unique voice and process–focusing on vocal health and longevity in whatever genre of music the student has chosen to pursue. Healthy singing is beautiful singing and vice versa, no matter what the style. Regardless of the genre a student wishes to pursue, she tends to work on similar, foundational things: breathing, ease, forward resonance sensations, intonation, diction and artistic interpretation. She has maintained a private studio since 2005 which has included students from ages 12 to 53, and she is currently accepting students to her studio in Cologne, Germany and internationally for online lessons.

Bethany Barber Voice Teacher

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